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Our Team

Staff Directory

Benjamin R. David, District Attorney, 

- Assistant to the DA: Samantha Dooies, 772-6934,

First Assistant District Attorney: Barrett Temple,

- Assistant: Christine Shuler, 772-6908,

Pender County Team: 

Murphy Averitt, 

- Assistant: Victoria Kealon, 663-3954,

​Michael Chaney,

- Assistant: Elizabeth Buttrey, 663-3949,

Rebecca Donaldson,

- Assistant: Victoria Kealon, 663-3954,

New Hanover County District Court Team:

Ctrm. 302 (Felony District Court): Alexandria Palombo,

- Assistants: Susan Boles, 772-6911, 

                  Natalie Furr, 772-6920,

                  Brynnan Henry,

                  Quanda Hudson-Purnsley, 772-6940,

Ctrm. 200 (County cases): ​David Joyner,

- Assistants: Keila Mateos, 772-6936,

                  Monee' Boyd, monee' 

                  Caitlin Rice Maupin,

Ctrm. 317 (City cases): Felicia Corsaro,

- Assistant: Clint Turnbloom, 772-6937,

Both courtrooms: Ward Coleman, 


New Hanover County Superior Court Team:

Lauren Bowman, (Property Crime)

- Assistant: Rachel Dumalo, 772-6945,

- Assistant: Caitlin Rice Maupin,

Doug Carriker, (Violent Crime)

- Assistant: Evelyn Adger, 772-6949,

Jerry Hannant, (Property Crime, Drugs)

- Assistant: Rachel Dumalo, 772-6945,

Ashton Herring, (Juvenile Court, Felony Motor Vehicle Crime)

- Assistant: Amanda Liebowitz, 772-6914,

Connie Jordan, (Violent Crime, Human Trafficking)

- Assistant: Emily Lankler, 772-6907,

Christa Lawler, (Property Crime)

- Assistant: Camille Olson, 772-6905,

Dru Lewis, (Violent Crime, Drugs)

- Assistant: Camille Olson, 772-6905,

Brad Matthews, (Gangs & Gun Crime)

- Assistant: Judy Landolfi, 772-6948,

Hannah McGee, (Family Violence)

- Assistant: Emily Lankler, 772-6907,

Lance Oehrlein, (Family Violence)

- Assistant: Christine Shuler, 772-6908,

Rosetta Royster, (Probation, Hospital Cases, First Appearances)

- Assistant: Rachel Dumalo,

Jason Smith, (Drugs)

- Assistant: Jake Newell, 772-6903,

- Assistant: Christian Kate Hayes, 772-6903,

Sean Spiering, (Drugs)

- Assistant: Patty Swank, 772-6909, 

​Barrett Temple, (Violent Crime)

- Assistant: Christine Shuler, 772-6908,

William Van Trigt,

- Assistant: Rachel Hartley,

​Amy White, (Property Crime, Drugs)

- Assistant: Rachel Dumalo,

Support Staff:


Heidi Brown, Discovery Intake, 772-6939,

J. W. Hedge, Homicide Investigator, 772-6931,

LaTanya Howard, Intake Manager & First Appearances, 772-6912,

Courtney Last, Docket Manager, 772-6910,

Susan Rivenbark, Front Desk, 772-6900,

Clint Turnbloom, Extradition Coordinator, 772-6937,

Law Enforcement Liaisons:

Family Violence Unit Liaisons:

  Det. G. Jones, NHSO, 798-4308 

  Det. K. Nixon, NHSO, 798-4274

  Det. H. Wooddell, WPD, 443-0473


Wilmington Police Department Liaisons: 

  R. Pearce, 772-6932 

  S. Chestnutt, 341-0178


NHC Sheriff's Office Liaisons: 

  S. McKoy, 772-6933 

  M. Crane, 274-9183 


POTTER is our facility dog. He came to us in the fall of 2017 after extensive training from paws4people. He helps to comfort victims, goes to community events, and brings a smile to everyone who visits our office. He spends most of his day looking for treats.

Join Our Team!


All available staff positions will be posted on the NC Government Human Resources website



The DA's Office hosts undergraduate interns during the fall and spring semesters and hosts undergraduate and law school students during the summer. Students are placed in both New Hanover and Pender County. Interns must be current students and undergraduate students must be registered for course credit (credit is optional for law students). Law student internships are for the duration of the summer and the office requires students to complete a minimum of 40 hours per week.

We have completed our Summer 2024 intern recruitment; please check back here for Fall 2024 info soon. 


Samantha Dooies - undergraduate interns

Hannah McGee - law school interns

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